Grebe Coaches Privacy Policy

Grebe Coaches Privacy Policy

The purpose of this site is to provide you with information about our company and its associated services. 

We may collect personal details from users with whom we communicate in the supply of further information. The details collected enable us to respond to user enquiries and obtain a measure of users' needs, interests and ideas for future website development.

We do not share your personal information with any other organisations or individuals or any third-party organisations for commercial purposes. 

All information collected, no matter how or why you provide it is kept completely confidential and is used only for the purpose that you intended. Only those employees with relevant business duties may access personal information, only to perform their duties. They are subject to dismissal for any privacy violation.

Collection of Information

Grebe Coaches collect and store information for internal purposes only. This includes, contact via email relating to updates, changes in services and the latest information.

We reserve the right to disclose your information as required by law, although aside for legal requirements, Newtons Coaches promises to keep this personal information private and will not be released to any Third Parties, whatsoever, irrespective of the circumstances.


Retention of Information

Grebe Coaches will retain personal information until, such time as we are notified otherwise and that you notify that you have personally received the relevant acknowledgement from that your information has been removed.

It is likely that you may continue to receive email updates or newsletters and such like for a brief period of time, until our records and databases have been updated with the change in circumstances. 

Dormant information will remain on our archived database and records for a reasonable time, normally 6 months, however, this information will never be used for any purpose and will be purged from our records once the expiration date has been reached, at a convenient time as deemed appropriate by Grebe Coaches

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